7496 Opportunities
generated in 2018

In 2018 we had 28,016 decision maker conversations. Our 40 strong team generated 7496 Opportunities. This enabled 1476 Face to Face appointments. On an average campaign our dedicated agents make 135 dials, we speak to 10 – 15 decision makers a day.

We’ve opened the door to all these prospect now it’s over to you . . .

Research suggests that 20% of leads are followed up by in-house sales teams, and 70% of them are later disqualified as bad leads due to lack of budget or timescale. Yet 80% of these bad leads go on to buy within the following 24 months – perhaps from your competitors – this is often referred to as the ‘Sales Gap’.

Let us CONNECT with these business’s and nurture the leads for you. Most decision makers don’t buy immediately . . . but they do buy.

The results show that 11% purchased within three months of enquiring, 17% bought within four to six months and 25% purchased within seven to twelve months . . . we can nurture for you!

* Statistics from ‘Telemarketing kills kittens’ book, buy it now on amazon, Copyright 2018 Graham Smith.