Vulnerable Training

Vulnerable Training


At some point, most companies will have telephone conversations with people who find it difficult to make an informed decision about the choices offered to them. These choices can include anything from changing a utility supplier to making a charitable donation.

Your business may need to communicate with:

  • Consumers who have a diagnosed condition like dementia; or perhaps an undiagnosed or temporary mental health condition such as severe anxiety.
  • Consumers with learning difficulties or literacy issues.
  • Consumers those who have problems understanding the language.

Statistics surrounding vulnerable consumers:

  • The average reading age in the UK is 9.
  • There are 850,000 people with dementia in the UK of which 40,000 are younger people and by 2025 there will be 1 million people.

These are YOUR customers!

Some organisations have little understanding of how to identify the signs of a vulnerability – or how best to handle such situations with care and respect. Staff may not always be equipped to deal with the situation and there is often no policy for addressing any problems that may arise. This means that despite their best intentions, organisations may not give consistent quality service.

At KMB we understand that each company and each employee is unique and this is why our fully qualified PTTLS trainers with a combined experience of over 40 years working in a contact centre environment, work with you and your employees by completing pre-assessment and building training courses bespoke to your company and help each employee develop.

To help your staff have the training they need contact Jacqui Crawley at KMB a series of workshops are being ran on:

4th April 2017

12th May 2017

19th September 2017

30th November 2017

at DMA House, 70 Margaret St, London W1W 8SS