The Power of A Phone Call

The Power of A Phone Call

Do not underestimate the power of a Phone Call!

By Lindsey Goodger, Account Manager, KMB,

If you were wished happy birthday, what would feel the most personal?

Text/Email/Card/Phone call/Meeting face to face

Most people would rather have the personal touch of a face to face meeting. The next best thing is a phone call! So why do some businesses not see the value of proactively using telemarketing companies to generate a face to face meeting for their sales team? A telephone call can engage directly with your target market. Engaging with customers in the way something written could never do.

If you were a prospect and a business called you, are you likely to listen to what the call is regarding in order to see if it was something you needed? If you were emailed, would you scan it and delete it? If you were posted something, would you throw it away? Which of the three would you most likely recall in a few days? If you were not interested now, but you knew you needed it in the future, would you tell someone to call you back in a few months? How likely is it you would save the email or hard literature? Ask yourself a question . . . if you were contacted about a customer satisfaction survey, would you be more likely to give your feedback in a 5 minute telephone call, an online survey, an email or by post? Would you have the time to fill in the online survey or would you return a survey that was posted or emailed?

Telemarketing is the quickest way to build rapport. Importantly it can be used to build a pipeline of when prospects are likely to be interested in your products and services. It ensures the person you are focusing your marketing efforts on is the right target via the telephone and better results are achieved when combined with other methods – all contributing factors to landing that sale or keeping your customers.

So ask yourself, why be resistant to the power of the telephone, when conducted in the right way, it can prove hugely beneficial for your business! The telephone is something that everybody takes for granted, yet it is one of the most important inventions in the world. With our 24 years of experience let us utilise it to its full capacity to increase your brand awareness and create new customers using telemarketing campaigns. We do this by using a bespoke telemarketing solution, in incorporating list cleansing, profiling and generation of opportunities through creating face to face appointments and telephone appointments.


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Lindsey Goodger is an Account Manager for KMB Multichannel. Lindsey is passionate about managing her customer accounts and uses her personal experiences at KMB to ensure that her clients receive the best possible customer service and return of investment. Outside of work, Lindsey likes to spend time with her friends and family, typically eating out, cinema, live music and comedy. Lindsey is a main influencer in the overall performance and success of multichannel marketing campaigns. To Follow Lindsey please click here:

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