5 Helpful Testimonial Tips!

5 Helpful Testimonial Tips!

Testimonials are by far the most effective form of advertising. In this digital age we have so many ways of promoting what our customers say. We have found a few tips to help you really promote what your customers are saying . . .

1. Talk to your customers

Case studies show your consumers exactly how others are using your product or service to their benefit, and since they’re conducted with client approval, they carry much more weight than the generic marketing copy that covers your website.

2. Showcase
While it would appear that social media doesn’t drive the amount of traffic to B2B websites as previously thought, Twitter is still an incredible outlet for collecting client feedback. If someone says something nice about your company or product, don’t let that tweet fade into the past like the millions of others. Embed it on your site for others to see, or even create an entire page devoted to client feedback collected via your social sites.

3. Create customer testimonial videos
If you have the resources, consider approaching a few of your clients or customers to ask if they’d like to participate in a video testimonial. While these require more time to make, videos are one of the most credible forms of customer endorsement because the words are literally coming straight from the customer’s mouth. Not only that, but videos require very little time to watch, as opposed to written testimonials which involve a greater time investment on the part of the consumer.

4. Encourage your customers
If you’re confident in your product or service, your customers should be too. Encourage them to write reviews about their experiences with your product and support team. Many of them would probably write these reviews unprompted, but they often need a little push toward the appropriate outlets.

5. Using Testimonials Effectively
So you’ve created an excellent product or service, sold a few, asked for specific feedback which resulted in some excellent testimonials – what do you do next? Creating a testimonial page is highly effective but don’t be afraid to use testimonials throughout your website, perhaps through dedicating a small area on each page of your website where a new testimonial is shown each time a new web page loads. This will ensure that the customer is constantly reassured throughout the decision-making process, helping to increase your conversion rate significantly.


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