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  • How do you cover the Holiday Season?

    By Linsey Knight on June 15, 2017
        For all companies, finding quality cover to deal with seasonal/unforeseen factors is a challenge. Whether this means covering a role or diverting workload, your planned holiday and unplanned absences need to be dealt with. But do you have the time/resources to deal with staff absences? If members of the team are absent, can the rest of your staff […]
  • Guidelines for call centres dealing with vulnerable consumers

    By Linsey Knight on August 13, 2015
    White Paper Jacqui Crawley, Managing Director at KMB and Chair of the DMA‘s Contact Centres & Telemarketing Council together with other members of the DMA Council, has published a set of guidelines for call centres and companies engaged with telemarketing practical guidance on how to identify and manage a call with someone they believe is unable to make an informed […]
  • Are your customers HAPPY?!

    By Linsey Knight on May 29, 2015
    How do you know your customers are happy? 5 tips for effective customer surveys Keeping your existing customers happy is so important to your business. One of the best ways to ensure you are doing this is by sending out customer satisfaction surveys. Like the saying goes ‘About 20 percent of your customers produce 80 percent of your sales’, and you need to keep your […]
  • 5 Simple Business Blogging Tips

    By Linsey Knight on September 11, 2014
    At KMB we are regular bloggers! We have sourced some great tips to help you achieve that blogging success! 1. Look at the big picture While it’s only natural to focus on the products and services you offer, you can also benefit from broadening your scope. For example, if you create a blog for your pet toy shop, your target […]

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