Top LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

Top LinkedIn Tips & Tricks

Hey everyone How LinkedIn savvy are you? Whether you’re a seasoned user, a newbie and just getting started, learning the ins and outs of the social network takes time. so Here’s a look at some tips and tricks our KMB team has provided for you, such as  tips for getting noticed by recruiters, managing your profile, and more!

1. Edit Or Remove Endorsements
LinkedIn introduced a new feature called Endorsements almost a year ago. Endorsements, which are found under the Skills & Expertise section of your profile, let your connections vote up the talents you’ve listed within your profile, as well as recommend new ones they think should be included. Your skills are then ranked and re-ranked based on the number of people who have voted on them.

2. Vet a group before you join
With hundreds of thousands of LinkedIn Groups to choose from, it’s a good idea to know which ones are best suited for you before you decide to join them. When you find a group that looks promising, click the More tab below the group’s name and select Group Statistics.

This is where you can learn details about the group’s demographics, such as the breakdown of the group members’ seniority, where they’re located, the industries they’re in, and more. You can also see how active the group members are and browse the group’s growth.

3. Apply for jobs on the go
One of the most common LinkedIn mistakes job searchers make is waiting too long to apply for a position, according to Lindsey Pollak, career expert and LinkedIn ambassador. But one of LinkedIn’s newest features makes applying for jobs more convenient.

This summer, LinkedIn launched a new feature that lets you not only search for jobs, but apply for them directly from your mobile phone. To get started, open your LinkedIn app and click the Jobs tab to search for a position. Every job listing will offer the option to either Apply or Save for later. Some may have an Apply On Company Website button instead; in these cases, the company requires you to apply on its corporate career site.

4. Generate a C.V
While you can use your LinkedIn profile to apply to many jobs, there are still instances in which you need a hard copy of your C.V. To generate one quickly based on your LinkedIn profile, give LinkedIn’s Resume Builder a try.

Once you connect the app to your account, it scans your profile to generate a preview of your C.V. You can choose from a number of templates and edit any blank fields from right on the page. This app also saves your resumes and lets you share them or keep them private.

5. Add an updated profile picture
According to LinkedIn, adding a profile picture makes your profile seven times more likely to be viewed by others. To add or update your profile picture, click Edit Profile under the navigation option at the top, then click the camera icon to the left of your name.

On the next page, you can browse your files for a photo to upload and set the privacy settings for your picture. The default setting allows everyone to see your photo, though you can change it so only your connections or those in your network can see it. Your profile picture is automatically visible to anyone you message.

6. Use keywords to attract recruiters
Your LinkedIn profile should not be a place to showcase your extensive vocabulary. Instead, keep your language simple. Recruiters won’t search for a “passionate and clever wordsmith,” after all, but they will search for a “writer.”

“This one is an absolute science,” said LinkedIn’s Pollak. “Go to the job listing you’re interested in and look at the words they have used, then use those same words in your profile. You certainly don’t want to plagiarize the paragraph, but use your common sense to identify what’s important, then make sure those words are in your profile.”

To test whether you’re attracting the right people to your profile, look at the “Who’s Viewed Your Profile” statistics. In particular, check the listing of keywords that people used to arrive at your profile. If you don’t like what you see, adjust the way you describe yourself.

8. Add media
LinkedIn now lets you upload images, videos, presentations, and documents to make your profile more engaging and show off your work. To add these to your profile, choose Edit Profile from the menu at the top. Under your Summary, Experience, and Education profile sections is a new icon: a square with a (+) symbol. Click this button to upload a file or add a link to a piece of content you want to share.

When you upload an item, a picture of your content will display with a prefilled title and description. To edit these fields, scroll to the media sample you want to edit and click the pencil icon in the lower-right corner. Click inside the Title and Description fields to edit the text, then click Save.

9. Turn off activity broadcasts
Every time you update your LinkedIn profile, whether it’s changing your summary, editing your past experience, or following new companies, the social network broadcasts the activity to your connections. If you’re beginning a new job hunt, you may not want your current employer to see your latest activities. Luckily, LinkedIn gives you the option to mute your activity broadcasts so your changes are kept private.

To turn off your LinkedIn activity broadcasts, navigate to your Privacy & Settings page. You can find this by clicking the drop-down menu below the profile picture in the top-right corner. You may be asked to submit your login credentials. On your privacy and settings page, click “Turn on/off your activity broadcasts.” This option is found in the Profile tab at the bottom. Then un-check the box.

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