Lead generation


Lead generation

To understand lead generation, you need to understand the meaning of a lead. A lead has several aspects to it. In the first instance, you need to identify who makes the ultimate purchasing decisions for your services or products. Secondly you need ask whether the target prospect meets your criteria, and finally to identify an interest to buy and agree to talk in more detail. Only then is this a qualified lead.

KMB increases brand awareness by using lead generation and gains an interest to create the opportunity for you with the right person at the right time. KMB creates only qualified leads. Every lead that is presented to you is from data which is profiled to your bespoke criteria.

KMB works with your CRM system to generate a pipeline of qualified leads. If you are new to CRM, KMB also offers training and buying advice for the latest CRM systems.

Quality over quantity. The ultimate aim is to give you top quality leads from which you can generate genuine new business opportunities.

The results of undertaking Lead Generation with KMB will be that your organisation with be provided with quality Leads that give you a clear return on investment, with our bespoke reporting function you can clearly see how we are performing against our KPI’s.

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