KMB Inbound Services – Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis

Unfortunately in the past two weeks, we have experienced two storms, Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis. These storms have caused devastating damage across the UK. As you would expect, this has had a knock on effect on our inbound team who are answering calls in relation to home insurance.

This service is an area of the business we are currently growing and have some exciting plans for 2020.

Our team of call handlers have done an exceptional job handling the increase in calls empathetically, spotting the signs of vulnerability and in an efficient manner.

We are sorry to those who have been affected by either of the storms in the past couple of weeks.

If you are concerned that you may be affected by the upcoming weather warnings which face the UK, please visit for more information.

Remember to stay safe. For tips on storm safety before, during and after a storm, visit the Met Office website.