70% of B2B sales involve
human interaction.*

Human Interaction (HI) is not as expensive as some other marketing tools, such as sending an email blast. To ensure maximum ROI you have to use it wisely.

Our experienced outsource strategy manager and account managers work with you to not only provide essential feedback to help you GROW your product range and brand awareness but also help nurture and grow a strong sales pipeline.

We could show you how we have helped businesses grow but our client case studies do that for us . . .

Human Interaction (HI) Statistics:
Average Order Value with H.I £68k
Repeat Purchases with H.I 58%
New Purchases with H.I 89%
Average Order Value without H.I £1k

* Statistics from ‘Telemarketing kills kittens’ book, buy it now on amazon, Copyright 2018 Graham Smith.