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  • How do you cover the holiday season?

    By Linsey Knight on June 15, 2017
        For all companies, finding quality cover to deal with seasonal/unforeseen factors is a challenge. Whether this means covering a role or diverting workload, your planned holiday and unplanned absences need to be dealt with. But do you have the time/resources to deal with staff absences? If members of the team are absent, can the rest of your staff […]
  • Protyre Case Study

    By Linsey Knight on June 8, 2017
        Since working with KMB, the conversion rate of Protyre’s telemarketing campaign has increased by 144%!
  • Are your customers HAPPY?!

    By Linsey Knight on May 29, 2015
    How do you know your customers are happy? 5 tips for effective customer surveys Keeping your existing customers happy is so important to your business. One of the best ways to ensure you are doing this is by sending out customer satisfaction surveys. Like the saying goes ‘About 20 percent of your customers produce 80 percent of your sales’, and you need to keep your […]
  • Love them or loathe them LinkedIn Showcase pages look set to stay!

    By Linsey Knight on April 11, 2014
    If you’re anything like me, you make sure your LinkedIn Company page is kept up to date, regularly managing your Products and Services pages. So it was to my horror when I received an email detailing the Products and Services page would be scrapped from April 14th 2014! After researching I found out it’s not just me that thinks it’s […]
  • Are Women Being Sidelined In marketing?

    By Linsey Knight on April 4, 2014
    75% of marketers are women but only 7% reach director level. Are Women Being Sidelined In marketing? What a year 2013 was for women. Sheryl Sandberg encouraged all women to lean in, while the Everyday Sexism project gained critical mass, and a campaign to keep a woman – Jane Austen on banknotes succeeded. It was a year of much-needed discussion […]

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