5 Simple Business Blogging Tips

5 Simple Business Blogging Tips

At KMB we are regular bloggers! We have sourced some great tips to help you achieve that blogging success!

1. Look at the big picture
While it’s only natural to focus on the products and services you offer, you can also benefit from broadening your scope. For example, if you create a blog for your pet toy shop, your target audience may be interested in posts about pet health and nutrition, or even pet rescue programs. Stick with your overall business blogging theme, but explore diverse (yet related) topics.

2. See what’s out there
Online sources like Technorati® and Google® Blog Search can help you determine how many blogs are currently covering the topics you are considering. You might also want to look at the additional topics these blogs are discussing, which can inspire new ideas of your own.

3. Network with other bloggers
Connect with other bloggers in your industry and other social sites to find like-minded bloggers. Once you find relevant blogs, you should bookmark them, comment often, talk with the author, and social tag their blog entries. By building these relationships, you can gain new links to your blog and – ultimately – new readers.

4. Add media
Blogs don’t have to consist of text alone. Video, images and surveys can all add interest to your blog. Mix the creative media into the text instead of placing it at the top or the bottom.

5. Keep up the good work
Develop and stick to a schedule when you create a blog. Your readers should know when to expect a new post, whether you’re posting every day of the week or on the same day every week.

When you create a blog for your business, your overall goal should be to attract repeat visitors. By following the tips for business blogging, you can keep readers coming back for more. For more useful tips go to: http://bit.ly/1n8PuVB

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