5 Tips to help your Social Media Presence

5 Tips to help your Social Media Presence

Are you a Social media ghost? Would you like to be a social media guru? Yes. . . great because here are a few tips that will help you rocket to the top of social media fame.

1. Publish great content:
The first step to improving your online presence is to be able to publish great content that interests the reader, because to be successful in any aspect of social media you have to be able to capture the reader’s attention and keep them interested making them want to read and even share the content or post with their friends, I know this seems like an obvious one but it is fundamental when trying to create a name for your brand. Also you need to make sure you know your audiences interests, for example if they like sport talk about football something relative to the times like the world cup, or in business acheterdufrance.com perspective talk about what you do to make your business successful. The other reason why publishing great content is key is because the only real way to keep the reader interested is if you can tap into their emotions and make them feel part of the post because emotions drive people in everyday life, this tactic is used vigorously throughout the .

2. Post regularly:
Posting regularly is essential when trying to boost your online presence because let’s be honest being a social media ghost who post every ‘blue moon’ isn’t going get you anywhere, but with regular posts people will start to see a pattern and start to recognise your presence thus improving your brand recognition and social media presence as the saying goes ‘ killing two birds with one stone’

3. Use call to action & ask questions:
Using call to action questions is a great tactic, because it can be very thought provoking which encourage the reader to interact with you, you see many examples of this on social media sites such as Facebook where they post updates that use vocabulary such as “we” or “us” because that makes the reader feel involved like you are speaking directly to them which increases the chances of interaction.

4. Give-aways:
Because everyone likes free stuff, no matter who you are if you see the word ‘Free’ you immediately direct all your attention to that specific thing, as long as its free people are interested, but depending on your budget you are limited to what you can ‘Give away’ now if your a big corporation like Microsoft, Apple, Google or Sony then yes you can give away anything, but realistically for small businesses or even self employed people your budget will not be so generous so you could give away vouchers or cinema tickets or a trip to a theme park or zoo or even a free service that you offer, the offer itself isn’t important, what’s important is getting the reader’s attention and making them want to visit you again, now the offer does play a key role because regular free offers will draw people back like opening competitions will draw people to your purely for the excitement of  the competition.

Interact with other brands: like, share and re tweet their posts. This not only gets your brand name out there in social media, but it also encourages other brands to interact with yours. Think of it as Social Media Karma . It’s a simple, yet effective way to really improve your presence across a range of platforms. It also makes sure you’re always in the loop when it comes to the competition.

To read the full article – 7 Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence, by Helen Scheuerer, February 11th, 2014, Click here http://bit.ly/1lKF8Xn

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