10 Telemarketing Tips

10 Telemarketing Tips

Here at KMB we take our business seriously and we take pride in our telemarketing. KMB staff are dedicated and we have been doing telemarketing for over 24 years. Some members of staff have been with us for 20 years . . . so we do know a thing or two about telemarketing!

The team at KMB have put together ten tips to help you with your telemarketing:

1. Be Polite & Professional
When making calls to prospects it is essential that you remain polite and professional at all times as you are representing your client. When making 100 + dials a day it is inevitable you will come across rudeness, always remain happy and polite . . . its hard to be rude to a happy person!
By Dawn, 16 years at KMB

2. Posture
Posture is another key part of telemarketing. You may think it doesn’t matter because the prospect cannot see you, however your posture can reflect your mood. if you are slouching or leaning over your desk you can come across as moody or negative to the prospect. . . sit up straight and smile!
By Jamie, 6 years at KMB

3. First Impressions
You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. It can affect how the conversation goes and the attitude of the prospect toward you. Making a good first impression isn’t as hard as you may think in a situation where you are ‘cold calling’ the prospect may be frustrated but remaining calm and polite is a great way to defuse the situation.
By Sarah, 11 years at KMB

4. Persistence
Telemarketing is all about being persistent. Persistence when trying to speak to the right person, persistence with dialing even persistence when arranging callbacks. If a prospect is interested but too busy, not available to talk  . . . call them back as you never know!

By Sue, 12 years at KMB

5. Positive Mental Attitude
State of mind is crucial to success with your prospect – like anything else in life if you are not into it, its not going to work.
By Rachel, 8 years at KMB

6. Emphathise
During the call if you can really get to know your prospect and understand their needs, it will help you to match the benefits but also to understand exactly what they want.
By Lesley, 20 years at KMB

7. Listen
You’ve got 2 ears and 1 mouth –  so use them in that order! Listening is one of the most important things to do in telemarketing. Listen to what the prospect is saying and match their needs with the benefits.
By Bev, 20 years at KMB

8. Knowledge
Being knowledgeable about the service that your promoting is essential, you can reassure the prospect that you are well informed and capable of handling their requirements. If they ask questions it is a buying signal . . . and therefore you can book an appointment so they can get all the answers they need.
By Linsey, 4 years at KMB

9. Smile when you dial!
. . . it really works, a smile makes you sound happy and positive during the call.
By Rosie, 3 months at KMB

10. Objection Handle
It can be scary to objection handle with every call . . . but you DO get results! Never objection handle more than 3 times, you will only annoy the prospect . . . you want the outcome to be valid.
By Matt, 2 1/2 years at KMB


KMB have fully qualified PTTLS trainers who have a combined experience of over 40 years working in a contact centre environment.
KMB provide Training courses in 2 key areas: Frontline Basics and Perfecting Telemarketing. Bespoke courses to suit your company requires can be ran too.

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